America’s Next Natural Model promotes more than Natural Hair

America’s Next Natural Model,’s online competition to promote the beauty of naturalBlack hair, is successful beyond its goal. Companies like the Rasta Group known for the Jamaican Mango and Lime hair products and Sula NYC, a company that is about to launch their exceptional skin care line are using the models of this pageant in their new campaign ads.

America’s Next Natural Models in the campaign for Jamaican Mango & Lime

As we’ve seen in the comedy documentary Good Hair, African American women with natural hair are an exception so it’s no wonder that you will hardly see Black models flaunting their god-given tresses in advertisements. America ’s Next Natural Model offers aspiring models the opportunity to do just that. Each of the eight participating beauties is proud to show their natural texture to the fullest and proof that African hair can be extremely beautiful and versatile without hazardous chemicals, extensions or weaves. The concept is clearly working.

In this green era where companies that promote natural beauty are on the rise, the search for natural models has also increased as the companies need beauties to match their message. Cyrus Jackson, owner of Rasta Group Professional Products with a hair care line of natural products was so pleased with the contestants that he chose three of America ’s Next Natural Models for his next campaign instead of two. Sula NYC a new comer to introduce natural scrubs was so impressed with the models that they offered the winner, Miss Nappturality of 09 a year supply of their scrubs.

The successful pageant is only in its second year. Last year’s winner, Tiana Tamara Townsel is today’s Miss Black Washington.

America’s Next Natural Models in the campaign for Jamaican Mango & Lime

The goal of the competition is to take natural hair styles beyond acceptance of the corporate world and show the beauty and fashion industry an unexplored universe of hair and styles that they miss out on.

According to organizer Mireille Liong, wider acceptance of natural hairstyles is essential because in their pursuit to meet the standards of “good” straight hair, Black women damage their scalp and suffer disproportionately from hair breakage. America ’s Next Natural Model is an inspiring way to create awareness and acceptance using new technology to spread the message.

A panel of judges shares their professional opinion but users also have a final say in who will win this online pageant. Registered users can vote for their favorite model and leave comments in a social network environment. It’s American Idol meets America ‘s Next Top Model on site at For more information visit

You can already see the models online at and read about their motivation. For more information visit the site.


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