Suriname African Clothing Style – Pangi

More about the Suriname Pangi.

Suriname African Heritage History and Culture


Pangi is a piece of cloth that can be worn in many ways and traditionally a pangi always has a meaning.

It can be used for spiritual meaning, for conveying a message, or simply as a fashion statement and or showing your pride in your culture.

Sometimes Surinamese will also generally call a piece of clothing a pangi.

I’m just going to deal with the basic pangi.

Pangi Basics:

Pangi as a skirt with a matching head wrap or as a skirt with matching shoulder wrap:

pangi jurk pangi set

The men usually wear a pangi over the shoulder as seen in these examples:

pangi-man1  pangi-man3 pangi-man2

Basic Pangi Meaning:

The basic meaning of a pangi when worn over the shoulder is as follows: If you wear it over your left shoulder, covering your heart, it means you are taken, married. If you wear it over your right shoulder it means your heart is…

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