Dark Girls in Trauma: An Open Letter to Rashida Marie Strober

But Sister-to-Sister, Dark Girl-to-Dark Girl, you’re not breaking down barriers, you’re only reinforcing them. Your apparent hate for light skin Black women is a principle act in reaffirming white supremacy. Divide and conquer tactics is not uncommon nor unfamiliar; from the division of house and field slaves, white supremacy forced us to believe that the shade of our Black skin is a credible difference.

But it isn’t — we’re all Black. And I implore you to celebrate the magical diversity of Blackness. Blackness is stronger than one shade. Blackness is a testament to our genetic strength; taking many adaptive forms, Blackness lives in multiple shades of skin as a mark of cultural survival and social endurance.

Black Millennials

Hi Sister,

I pray you’re doing well in your 15 minutes of digital limelight. Like everyone, I read your Facebook post prominently featured on Bossip. I take serious issue with that barely-there “article.” With no context, nuance, or consideration, they allowed your violent language to stand alone.

Oh Sis, don’t get me twisted or confused. I disagree with you wholeheartedly. Your language was more than offensive or hurtful … it was counterproductive, misdirected, and violent. Your words were little more than a socio-political impediment — words that not only cripple the fragile Movement for Black Liberation, but work in stark refutation to it.

But your words come from a place of pain. I call that pain Dark Girl Trauma; the unique anguish that comes with being blessed with dark, unequivocal skin. The Trauma is a piercing result of constantly being told that our skin is ugly, unacceptable, and subordinate. From…

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