Danielle, The Prude


My name is Danielle and I’m a prude.

It isn’t that fun. I wish I were. Like most prudes my prudishness has more to do with how I was raised than it does with any real right or wrong ideologies. Being a prude is no more correct than being wild, uninhibited and outré. But being a prude is rooted in the idea that prudishness will save you from … something.

Unwanted attention? Society’s scorn? Perverts? No one’s ever been super clear on which horrors I’m avoiding by avoiding overt sexuality. Having fun? I’ve definitely avoided having fun. Mostly out of fear that fun would lead to something terrible.

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Dark Girls in Trauma: An Open Letter to Rashida Marie Strober

But Sister-to-Sister, Dark Girl-to-Dark Girl, you’re not breaking down barriers, you’re only reinforcing them. Your apparent hate for light skin Black women is a principle act in reaffirming white supremacy. Divide and conquer tactics is not uncommon nor unfamiliar; from the division of house and field slaves, white supremacy forced us to believe that the shade of our Black skin is a credible difference.

But it isn’t — we’re all Black. And I implore you to celebrate the magical diversity of Blackness. Blackness is stronger than one shade. Blackness is a testament to our genetic strength; taking many adaptive forms, Blackness lives in multiple shades of skin as a mark of cultural survival and social endurance.

Black Millennials

Hi Sister,

I pray you’re doing well in your 15 minutes of digital limelight. Like everyone, I read your Facebook post prominently featured on Bossip. I take serious issue with that barely-there “article.” With no context, nuance, or consideration, they allowed your violent language to stand alone.

Oh Sis, don’t get me twisted or confused. I disagree with you wholeheartedly. Your language was more than offensive or hurtful … it was counterproductive, misdirected, and violent. Your words were little more than a socio-political impediment — words that not only cripple the fragile Movement for Black Liberation, but work in stark refutation to it.

But your words come from a place of pain. I call that pain Dark Girl Trauma; the unique anguish that comes with being blessed with dark, unequivocal skin. The Trauma is a piercing result of constantly being told that our skin is ugly, unacceptable, and subordinate. From…

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Suriname African Clothing Style – Pangi

More about the Suriname Pangi.

Suriname African Heritage History and Culture


Pangi is a piece of cloth that can be worn in many ways and traditionally a pangi always has a meaning.

It can be used for spiritual meaning, for conveying a message, or simply as a fashion statement and or showing your pride in your culture.

Sometimes Surinamese will also generally call a piece of clothing a pangi.

I’m just going to deal with the basic pangi.

Pangi Basics:

Pangi as a skirt with a matching head wrap or as a skirt with matching shoulder wrap:

pangi jurk pangi set

The men usually wear a pangi over the shoulder as seen in these examples:

pangi-man1  pangi-man3 pangi-man2

Basic Pangi Meaning:

The basic meaning of a pangi when worn over the shoulder is as follows: If you wear it over your left shoulder, covering your heart, it means you are taken, married. If you wear it over your right shoulder it means your heart is…

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The moment I feared for 10 years…

The moment I feared for 10 years….


Gratitude challenge (day 1)

I nominated my beautiful cousin Rachel Ritfeld for the Gratitude Challenge and I think everyone should read it.

Gratitude challenge (day 1).

1) I’m so grateful I get to be your mommy. I love being with you and I’m grateful for the love we share


click the link to read more.


Gratitude challenge (day 1)

Once upon a sexy time

This is quite fun.
I was nominated for the “gratitude challenge” by my dear cousin Mireille Liong who is such a phenomenal woman. She has a website called http://www.going-natural.com and inspires millions of women to embrace their natural beauty… Check it out.

As part of this gratitude challenge I have to say 3 things grateful for every day for 5 days…

I think focussing your mind on what your grateful for gives great perspective. And it’s an exercise I encourage to everyone.

I do this with my daughter every night before bed, we list everything we loved about our day and discuss things we can improve on tomorrow and take a moment to just feel the love….

I will share the first 3 things Rosalia and we always say to each other or I say to her before sleepy time:

1) I’m so grateful I get to be your mommy…

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Natural Hairstyles Exhibition – Go Natural’s 10th Anniversary

Bad Hair Uprooted – Natural Hairstyle Portrait Exhibition

It’s 10th Anniversary Celebration of Going-Natural’s My First Book Signing (How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair published in 2004)


Brownstone Books – Brooklyn, NY – December 26 2004

That is a milestone and also the excellent time to celebrate a decade of natural hairstyles, models, stylists, salons and hair merchandise.

Some of you’ll grasp that it started with my book how to Fall in love with Nappy Hair and my web site to assist support my readers.

I call her my Mona Lisa because of her mysterious smile. I love how the sun lights her subtle smile while her Afro leaves a playful shadow on her forehead.

Afro Forelock lady

Afro Forelock

It’s been a hugely fantastic journey and it should be clear that i could not have avoided you, your inspirational mails, funny comments, challenging queries and after all your lovely styles.

BAD Hair Uprooted exhibition

Portraits from my upcoming Exhibition – Want to attend? You can register at Bad Hair Uprooted.

So my approach of showing appreciation may be a photograph exhibition I named bad Hair Uprooted this coming back August. The exhibition will feature a number of your unprecedented head-turning styles that kept ME impressed and that i believe can keep folks inspired for decades to come.

After ten years of Going Natural how to Fall in love with Nappy hair, I additionally thought it had been time for a new natural hairstyle book as a result of yes I’ve heard you you’re continuously craving for new natural hairstyles. you only cannot get enough. thus hopefully my new book helps fill that void.

Portraits from my upcoming Exhibition – Want to attend? Register Today!