Essential steps to take care of African Hair

A main reason several African ladies have issues with hair growth is that the shampoo they use. Several black ladies use shampoo with alcohol content in them – still as petrolatum and too several sulphates. Rather than exploitation these harmful shampoos, attempt employing a natural shampoo. The best part of using the natural shampoo is that it leaves the hair well moisturized and soft.

The next necessary issue to try and do for your hair is conditioning. Acquisition seals within the wetness and prevents it from obtaining brittle and comb can also move smoothly within hair.

Next, once your hair is wet, don’t brush it. Brushing out wet hair will break it off and cause a lot of harm. Use a large tooth comb to untangle it. A large toothed comb has the additional advantage of stimulating African hair growth.

Treat your hair to a hot oil treatment a minimum of once a month; confirm the treatment has further copra oil in it. Exploitation hot oil treatments with copra oil of the regular treatment is suggested because it provides the most effective softening and protection for African hair. Protein treatments are another good way to feature wetness to your hair. These treatments will offer nice deep acquisition.

Daily maintenance of your hair is another important factor for African hair growth. The healthy way to take care of your strands is to condition the ends daily and the scalp 3-4 times a week. Exploitation harsh substances like petrolatum and mineral oils can do a lot of damage to your hair thus avoid any variety of these. Instead use natural carrier oils like jojoba, grape seed, further virgin oil and crude coconut oil. These oils facilitate to deflect heat thus you’ll use a flat iron if you want and additionally helps to condition the scalp.

Next step to encourage African Hair Growth is to wrap your hair in an exceedingly cloth or silk scarf before you visit bed. Doing this can defend your hair from harm.

Eating healthy with numerous proteins and drinking numerous water could be a smart issue not just for your health except for the health of your hair. Taking these steps and limiting your use of a flat iron, can facilitate your tresses to grow and be healthy.


Mireille on Challenge 3

Carlie for Going Natural hair care Products

Carlie: I like your idea of weaves and flowers in your hair but I have to say I am disappointed in the execution. This is a modeling competition who takes the best photos and you say this:
Unfortunately, because of the darkness of my hair, the flower does not show in the pictures.
That doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t see the creativity of the style in your photos but your steps are clear. The overall style does not do it for me.  Although your lightening is better, the rest of the criticism is the same as last week. Your photos aren’t sharp. In your first photo I can see that your complexion, your skin and your teeth are beautiful and your pose is nice but it’s just not a good enough photo. You have to raise your level. Find either a better camera or a better photographer because it’s not you. I see a beautiful woman in average facebook-like photos. These photos are not representative of a model.

For your next challenge, keep the frames tight but keep the camera still. Look at the Iman photo and try to take a clear shot that show your makeup.

jalita Moore for Going Natural hair care Products
Jalita: Your makeup looks great, your hairstyle certainly shows creativity, your steps are clear and I even like your poses and your overall style but unfortunately there is no good shot where I can see your hairstyle. The goal of the challenge was clearly “a creative hair”.

I think you are very versatile, you show range as a model with your beautiful short hair what not many models can pull off but your shots could be a lot better. Your hair blends in the darkness of your background and you need to put in a little more effort.

The leafs are distracting and miss some good tight headshots where we can just see your face and your hair. Cropped your photos look better and you should be able to take that tight shot. So there is much room for improvement.

For your next challenge, please give us that tight shot with just your face up to your neck and a bit of shoulder but that is all we will need for a makeup shot.

desyray for Going Natural hair care Products

Desyray Your style is certainly creative, your steps are ok but I don’t really get a sense of your overall style. Your are photos are good but and the background is too dark to make your beautiful creative hairstyle pop out. You look beautiful, your makeup is well done, your poses are attractive but the execution is not there yet. You need to crick up your photographer or photographic skills so that you can shine.

For the next challenge, a black dark background may not be a bad choice but you really need to make sure that the light falls perfectly on your face. Also make sure that the photos don’t show the borders of where your makeup starts.

Kala G for Going Natural hair care Products

Kala: I like your hairstyle. Very nice, very nice! I like the colors as well. Here I get a clear sense of your overall style and your steps are clear.

Your photos are again an improvement compared to last week. The tree in the background is not bad but you can see you much better with the white background. Some of your shots are too much of a closeup and I like your accessories but I wish there was a photo without the flower so I could clearly see the full style.

For the next challenge, keep improving. Try to be a bit more expressive when you take a shot. Relax your face mussels and make your eyes smile or show more emotion.

chassity for Going Natural hair care Products
Chassity woman: You are clearly in it to win it and I love that! Your steps aren’t really clear, I have no idea how you created that style so that is a minus but your style is creative and I get a good sense of your overall style.

For the rest of the ladies, this is how you take a photo if you have a busy background full of leafs or trees. You make sure it’s blurred. It takes a skilled photographer to take shots like these I know but you have to realize that every bit of distraction in the background, moves the attention away from you the model. And that is not what you want.

Your series is very good because you kept to the instructions. You show your hairstyle and you also pose to show the overall style. I love the shot where you can see your reflexion in the water. Very creative shot and you look lovely.

My only criticism is that I wish there was a shot without the flower so I could get a good view of the hairstyle. Well done though. You show your skills as a model and my compliments to your photographer. You are a good team.

Reshonda for Going Natural

Reshonda – Reshonda! You listened carefully and let the camera capture your beauty, completely. Love your shots! Just beautiful.

I love the fullness of your style. Your close ups make African hair look desirable, your instructions are very clear and you clearly show an overall style.

All I can say is not just keep it up, make us proud and take it to the next level.

Natasha Housten for Going Natural

I like your style. Very creative and I love your approach to the idea that short hair is not as versatile. Your makeup is also very creative and I love how colorful your shots are but the photos are too busy.

In your first two photos you get lost in the leafs. That is a pity, you should be the center, miss model. I do love your 3rd shot though. It’s very creative as if you are one with nature. Somehow it makes me think of Avatar. Your 4th and 5th shots are also good. I can see your creative hairstyle and I get a sense of your overall style but still feel that the leafs take away from you being the total center.

For the next challenge, keep doing your close-ups. You pose well. Your camera feel is very good. Just make sure there is nothing distracting in the back.

justyce for Going Natural hair care Products

Justyce – I do get a good sense of your overall tropical natural style and your steps that include your clarification of your simple style are good. I am sorry about your finger. I hope the food was good.

I have to say that I am not convinced by your shoot though. Your first shot is just ok and I don’t know what to make of your expression in your next 2 shots. As a model you have to find a way to look more “modelequesk.” Your poses are not bad but your facial expressions don’t say model to me yet.

Please practice for the next challenge, learn to relax your eyes or smile with them. Then take the camera and shoot.

nefertiti for Going Natural hair care Products

Nefertiti – Love your creative French Roll with a Twist but I miss your instructions on how to do it. I do get an overall sense of your style but my criticism is the same as the other models: the background is distracting and I miss one good clear shot of your hairstyle.

I think photo 4 is your best shot. I like how the light falls on your face. Shot 2 is nice because of your expression. It shows your skills as a model but you are lost in the picture. You should be center.

So for the next challenge, take your modeling skills to the next level, try to choose a single color background that compliments you and your makeup so that you can be the center of every shot.
This week I have to choose between Reshonda and Chassity. Your shots top the rest but it’s not easy. Overall I like Reshonda’s shoot better because it looks more natural and the two last headshots that clearly show your style are absolutely gorgeous. So congrats, I know you worked hard for it, you are my winner this week. Chassity you are really not far behind.

The two with the least attractive shoots for me are Justyce and Carlie. When I compare the shoots picture by picture I have to say that Carlie has better shots then you Justyce so I am sorry to say, you are the one I choose to let go.


Afro – African Festival Brooklyn

Inspired by his race for the White House, offered President Obama the centerpiece of its exhibition “The Pursuit of Nappiness” as a gift for his birthday last year. The colorful framed portrait, chosen as a favorite during the exposition at the Casa Frela Gallery in Manhattan, shows a beautiful woman with a cheerful smile and a striking Afro.

Lurie Daniel-Favors, the woman pictured, is all but a stereotype beauty. While her dense afro strengthens her exceptional natural beauty, her resume underwrites her remarkable intellect. Daniel-Favors, a graduate from the New York University School of Law, was an associate at a well-known Law firm before founding the L.D Favors Law Group – a New York City practice with a partner. As a mother and a community organizer she also serves as the co-executive director of Sankofa Community Empowerment, Inc. (SCE), a non-profit to empower the racially and economically disenfranchised groups.

The picture was taken at the International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY in July of 05 where Mireille Liong, founder of was shooting for what she calls her “Pursuit of Nappiness.” Intrigued by the outstanding coiffured heads she encountered at African American summer fairs, Liong started to photograph natural hairstyles in 04.

Lurie’s portrait was chosen for a number of reasons, Liong said. First, Lurie is beautiful and the afro is African hair at its best. Visitors of my exhibition clearly felt the same way but there are more historic and symbolic grounds behind my choice. The afro is a politicized style that came out of the civil rights era then dominated the fashion scene in the 70’s. It is the first hairstyle that ever allowed black women to take pride in their natural strands after believing for centuries that African hair was unacceptable.

Very much like the Afro, the community organizer Barack Obama stood for civil rights. As a candidate, his race for office was groundbreaking in so many ways, as was the Afro. The Afro left a lasing imprint on society and so will Barack Obama’s presidency. As the first black President, Barack Obama allowed African Americans to take pride in being an American on unprecedented levels after doubting for decades whether a Black man could ever be elected to the highest office.

There is also no better symbol than the afro to illustrate his campaign’s motto “Out of many we are one” that brought together so many different people from all walks of life, Liong continued. Like citizens of a nation, no two coils are the same but out of many uniquely shaped strands comes one powerful afro.

About six months after sending the 20 by 24 framed birthday gift, Liong received a note of gratitude from the White House signed by First Lady Michelle Obama and the President. For more information about the photograph, Lurie Daniel-Favors and the Pursuit of Nappiness visit Inquiries about the exhibition can be sent to info @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


black hairstyle fro-hawk

black hairstyle fro-hawk

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The uniqueness and versatility of black hair. Courtesy of


Teesha Borum, Winner of ANNM

Teesha Borum – Photo by Freddie Rankin

Teesha Borum, an aspiring actress/ model from Atlanta, won the ‘America’s Next Natural Model’ pageant, an online competition organized by

The pageant queen, twenty nine year old San Diego brought up model Teesha, lives by the policy of “Do what you love and love what you do. If you don’t know what that is, love the journey in finding out” and has done exactly that in her strive towards going natural.

“I have been natural for 5 years now. I absolutely love it and am proud to wear my crown,” she says.

The annual ‘America’s Next Natural Model’ pageant celebrates the beauty of natural African hair. It shows the world that the preconceived notion of beauty is restrictive and incomplete. It stands up for African women, urging them to shed their inhibitions and go natural.

“We live in a world where many black women wear their hair in styles that imitate European standards of beauty. Although I think that every black woman is beautiful no matter how they wear their hair- it takes a certain confidence and love for ones self to go natural,” said Teesha on her profile on

“The beauty and grace that we as black women possess in our hair alone is amazing. Its course, its thick, its tightly curled, it can take the heat, stand straight up and touch God all at once. How amazingly beautiful, strong and passionate we are! I want all women to see the magnificence in natural hair!” she adds. is a website that strives to develop confidence in African women. It encourages them to be themselves and stay beautiful at the same time.

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America’s Next Natural Models are showing styles for this holiday season!

Beautiful, cheerful holiday curls seasoned with Ododo Original Flowers

^Toshia, Christina, Safeeya, Karla, Teesha ^

See the beautiful curls and learn how to create them yourself for the holidays to come.

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