Natural Hairstyles Exhibition – Go Natural’s 10th Anniversary

Bad Hair Uprooted – Natural Hairstyle Portrait Exhibition

It’s 10th Anniversary Celebration of Going-Natural’s My First Book Signing (How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair published in 2004)


Brownstone Books – Brooklyn, NY – December 26 2004

That is a milestone and also the excellent time to celebrate a decade of natural hairstyles, models, stylists, salons and hair merchandise.

Some of you’ll grasp that it started with my book how to Fall in love with Nappy Hair and my web site to assist support my readers.

I call her my Mona Lisa because of her mysterious smile. I love how the sun lights her subtle smile while her Afro leaves a playful shadow on her forehead.

Afro Forelock lady

Afro Forelock

It’s been a hugely fantastic journey and it should be clear that i could not have avoided you, your inspirational mails, funny comments, challenging queries and after all your lovely styles.

BAD Hair Uprooted exhibition

Portraits from my upcoming Exhibition – Want to attend? You can register at Bad Hair Uprooted.

So my approach of showing appreciation may be a photograph exhibition I named bad Hair Uprooted this coming back August. The exhibition will feature a number of your unprecedented head-turning styles that kept ME impressed and that i believe can keep folks inspired for decades to come.

After ten years of Going Natural how to Fall in love with Nappy hair, I additionally thought it had been time for a new natural hairstyle book as a result of yes I’ve heard you you’re continuously craving for new natural hairstyles. you only cannot get enough. thus hopefully my new book helps fill that void.

Portraits from my upcoming Exhibition – Want to attend? Register Today!


Essential steps to take care of African Hair

A main reason several African ladies have issues with hair growth is that the shampoo they use. Several black ladies use shampoo with alcohol content in them – still as petrolatum and too several sulphates. Rather than exploitation these harmful shampoos, attempt employing a natural shampoo. The best part of using the natural shampoo is that it leaves the hair well moisturized and soft.

The next necessary issue to try and do for your hair is conditioning. Acquisition seals within the wetness and prevents it from obtaining brittle and comb can also move smoothly within hair.

Next, once your hair is wet, don’t brush it. Brushing out wet hair will break it off and cause a lot of harm. Use a large tooth comb to untangle it. A large toothed comb has the additional advantage of stimulating African hair growth.

Treat your hair to a hot oil treatment a minimum of once a month; confirm the treatment has further copra oil in it. Exploitation hot oil treatments with copra oil of the regular treatment is suggested because it provides the most effective softening and protection for African hair. Protein treatments are another good way to feature wetness to your hair. These treatments will offer nice deep acquisition.

Daily maintenance of your hair is another important factor for African hair growth. The healthy way to take care of your strands is to condition the ends daily and the scalp 3-4 times a week. Exploitation harsh substances like petrolatum and mineral oils can do a lot of damage to your hair thus avoid any variety of these. Instead use natural carrier oils like jojoba, grape seed, further virgin oil and crude coconut oil. These oils facilitate to deflect heat thus you’ll use a flat iron if you want and additionally helps to condition the scalp.

Next step to encourage African Hair Growth is to wrap your hair in an exceedingly cloth or silk scarf before you visit bed. Doing this can defend your hair from harm.

Eating healthy with numerous proteins and drinking numerous water could be a smart issue not just for your health except for the health of your hair. Taking these steps and limiting your use of a flat iron, can facilitate your tresses to grow and be healthy.